Me and My Family

Me and My Family

11 March, 2011

Coming home

Kaili comes home tonight for spring break week. My littleman can hardly contain himself. He is wide awake, running around, keeps looking out the window, and is completely wound up!
Wound up to the point of needing to possibly be put in his room which would ruin his whole evening.
I would hate to do it, but I would. At present he is in time out.
I am such a MEAN mom I know. Like who does time out anymore?



People still use time out? And it works? For who? I wanna know....

What about spanking? Do people still spank their kids? I don't mean hit, abuse, demean, or otherwise shame their offspring, but really, spank! Not out of anger but for sheer discipline purposes. I do spank Damon sometimes however, I just realized the other day that I haven't done it in a while. I have been using time outs, and possible time in his room. Or if there is a toy that is extra special to him on a given day, I will use that as something I can take away.

TMI ( as in too much information) you might be thinking as you read this. But I am just keepin it real.

REal like,
Sometimes I wish I didn't have pets.
Sometimes I wish I lived far away (like Australia...duh)
Sometimes I wish I Could just lie on the beach forever.
Sometimes I wish Damon was still a baby...heck, I sometimes wish  Kaili was still a baby.....haha, not really though.
Sometimes I wish I could go back 4 years and wave a magic wand.
Sometimes I wish I could just wake up one morning and be skinny and fit.
Sometimes I wish I didn't hate running so much...Really some people make it look SO easy. It stinks.
Sometimes I wish Damon had a sibling close to his own age.
Sometimes I wish I didn't feel so alone even when surrounded by people.
Sometimes I wish upon a star!!!!
All the time I wish no one had to suffer....loss, pain, illness, sadness, natural disaster, etc...
I wish you all the Blessings you deserve


  1. Hey Little Girl, I hope you don't think all those wishes are unique. They're not. But I sure wish you didn't have to feel alone when surrounded by others. Enjoy having Kaili home.

  2. I love it ... keeping it real! Not always easy to do for me ... a former people-pleaser. Hope you have an awesome visit with Kaili. I wonder if she remembers me?

    love, susan

  3. So glad Kaili is coming home!! I have lots of those same wishes especially about the beach:) Love you- Susan