Me and My Family

Me and My Family

05 March, 2011


A friend of mine, One of the ladies who's blog I follow and she follows mine, posted some past pic's of her son's wedding reception. It made me think back to a time in my own life that I enjoyed so very much and feel like sharing a few pic's of my own.
It was Hawaii. More specifically, Kauai, HI. We went there in  2008 and it was so much fun. The sun was wonderful, the beaches Great, and the skies, mostly blue.


One Amazing View!!!

Grand Canyon of the Pacific....magnificant.

Guess we wore him out! Siesta time for Littleman.

How much more relaxing can it get ?? A massage at poolside in the sunshine...?

It was GREAT going there with my family and my best friend Anna and her two girls. We really enjoyed each others company and the sun. We also enjoyed something else we really could have done without. Of course now I see that I have no pictures of this thing we enjoyed but I will tell you. We discovered a Coldstone Creamery across the road from our resort and not so reluctantly at all, we partook of this yummy ice cream every night we were there. We would put the kids to bed, and one of us would make a Creamery run! Then we sat at a table on the grounds in the middle of the units where we could see each of our units and play phase 10 dice while eating our ice cream. I enjoyed it until we got home and I saw how much weight I gained on that trip. lol
I would do it all over again except I would eat more pineapple than ice cream. maybe. I like to think I would. It's a good thing I am not returning this year. Maybe by the time we do return I will have a firm grasp of my new eating lifestyle and won't have any need (yes I said need) or desire for the creamy yumminess of Cold Stone Creamery. We'll see.
In the meantime I will drool over my pictures of the best vacation ever, and continue to immerse myself in my new lifestyle of eating as many whole foods as possible.


  1. I want to go to Kauai now. I really, really want to go!

  2. Oh, I'm so glad you shared these photos! The best part of starting my blog is that I'm recording my recent memories but it jogs old memories that I'm afraid will fade. It's my goal to capture as much of my life as I can with my camera and write about it. Thanks for "following" my blog ... it really means a lot to me, Danielle!