Me and My Family

Me and My Family

27 May, 2011

A Few of my Favorite things.

Even though the bike isn't mine it's one of my favorite things because it gives Damon and I a little more freedom for the summer. He can ride alongside me now while I ride my bike. Or it can encourage me to walk faster in order to keep up with him. It's also one of my favorite things because I love knowing how proud he is of himself for being able to ride a big boy bike now. He had a "push"bike , or "balance bike" for over a year and it is because of this he was able to learn to ride this bike his first time out on the street.
I saw this little flowering plant at Home Depot last week and HAD to have it. Well, probably didn't, but I bought it anyway. I love pretty flowers in the front yard. and I loved the bright blue against the white of these. It's called, "lithodora; blue star" or Lithodora diffusa. I may end up buying a few more if there is a  good Memorial Day sale going on. This weekend we are picking up a truckload of blended soil, compost for my gardening boxes. I am so looking forward to experimenting with my garden. I have never done a garden before so it should be interesting.
Summer fun! Running through the sprinkler in the summer sun is so much fun. I remember doing just that when I was a kid. There is nothing like a sunny day in the summer in Alaska. It's not too hot (though I know a few who would argue with me on that one.) and it's not chilly. It's just right. Not humid, and as long as there isn't wind, it's great weather for playing in the water, or walking, hiking, biking, fishing...whatever your outdoor fancy is. In some places it's just TOO hot to even be outside!

Here is Damon on his new bike, before he peddled it on the street he took it for a few spins down the hill in our backyard. He was cruzin'. He had the balance part down to a T. We have had a string of beautiful days with nice temps and sunshine and limited wind/breeze. Because of this we have been spending a lot of time outside. It's a far cry from last winter when we spent most days inside waiting for the temps to rise and the wind to die down. Winters in Alaska are definitely hard, I'm not gonna lie, I'm actually starting to dread them, but there is nothing I have experienced yet that can outdo a nice sunny summer day in Alaska, spent with your kids, family, friends, or just a great book.

Kaili..................One of my First Favorite things!!!! Who ever could have guessed I would have been so in love? When I was pregnant with this precious girl I never DREAMED she would bring so much joy to my life. I never imagined I would love being her mom so much. I never dared hope we would have so many adventures together. And I never believed I could accomplish so much with her, for her, because of her.

And now she is grown...
So beautiful!

And here is Handsome! I never thought I would get the opportunity to raise another child (and a boy at that). What a dream come true. And what a challenge. A wonderful, smart, goofy, silly, helpful, loving challenge.
My John....I cannot say enough about how much of a support he has been to me through everything. Even before my diagnosis! And expecially since my diagnosis. He has taken wonderful care of me and our son. There have been times he has had to take full responsibility for Damon and the dogs, and the household chores. And then provide me with support all while dealing with his own emotions and thoughts on my illness. I don't think  a lifetime of thank  you's can ever cover it.  I have no idea what he is feeling these days. He keeps a lot inside where people can't see it. He keeps himself busy when he isn't at work. We don't talk much about it, though I do wish we did sometimes. Then again, I don't want my cancer to be the only thing we talk about. I also don't want it to be in every conversation. I am more than my diagnosis, even if I will never feel like my "old self" again.
And then there is Murphy, that silly little Bearded Dragon. she isn't eating much, isn't growing, and I am worried about her. She is cute though. I took her outside with me yesterday to sit in the sun. There are two more members of our household, Ari and Lincoln, my dogs. I will have to play with them extra today to apologize for not putting them in this post. For now, I am off to walk, Damon is anxious to ride his new bike ...imagine that........ 

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