Me and My Family

Me and My Family

09 May, 2011


So this past weekend was a little bit difficult. We went to a birthday party Saturday and there was (of course) cake and pizza...

I had a bite of Johns piece of pizza and I DID have a SMALL pc of cake. I was disappointed in myself later. After that I seemed to be craving snacks. I spent a lot of the weekend after that putsing around upstairs in the bedroom. Folding clothes, making the bed, playing with Damon in his room, reading, taking a nap. It's just easier that way...I am upstairs away from the kitchen.

As soon as I sit on the couch to watch TV with John I get the urge. I am sure you all know exactly whatI am talking about.

Isn't that the whole point of commercials? They have helped to train our brains to want food while watching TV. I am in the process...obviously I am not finished yet....of re training my brain to not feel the need for snacking while watching TV or while doing anything else either.

It's so engrained. Oh that looks good, I think I will taste it. Oh well everyone else is having it, I think I'll just try it. Well, it's a party....what the heck. It's a BBQ, I'll make it right tomorrow. on and on and on.

I can't afford to give in to those thoughts and excuses anyMORE. I am fighting for my LIFE. If I can give up sweets for my son while I was pregnant and had Gestational Diabetes, I think I can give up a bite of pizza, or a slice of cake for the sake of fighting for my life.

My life which will also be for my son's life and my husband, and my daughter. Saving mine will enable me to be here for all of them. So, I HAVE to get over these cravings, these excuses have to go. No more!

Just thought I would share the continuation of my transition and the challenges it presents.
May God Bless each of you!!!!

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  1. There is a great book called A Course in Weight Loss by Marianne Williamson. It has helped me alot although I cannot imagine the added pressure of what you have been dealing with but I know you can do it. You are amazing- just remember to treat yourself with kindness. I highly recommend yoga- it will help you get even more connected to your body!