Me and My Family

Me and My Family

11 May, 2011

Slacking at it's finest

Oh..I have no new pictures to post because I haven't been using my camera since I returned from Texas well over a month ago now.
Slacker slacking! That's me! I'm good at it. Wish I could make money at it.
dishes are being washed but countertop is a mess. Laundry is washed, but not folder or put away. The living room is picked up but not vacuumed. Damons' train set is up, but he isn't running it.
I'm basically just writing right now to keep out of the kitchen....AGAIN. Yes...I need many things to keep me busy so I don't try grazing.

 It's beautiful outside except for a chilly wind. I should hardly be complaining about the wind since it isn't snowing, it's above freezing, and the sun is out.

It seems one thought doesn't connect to the next one in this post. Please bear/bare ?? with me. Maybe my next post should be pictures only!

What do you look forward to the most during summer?



  1. I look forward to seeing you and Damon and John. And the end of breakup and a little warm weather and going to see Jeremy & Kristin & Tyler this summer and maybe getting to Iowa too. Although my trip to Texas hinges on whether my training down there gets approved. Most of all, though, getting to spend time with you, my sweet daughter. I love you to the moon and back.

  2. I love ANY posts you put up! I love the sunshine and the slight breeze in the summer. But I most look forward to the Farmers Market opening. Hope you keep writing and taking photos ... I always look forward to your posts!