Me and My Family

Me and My Family

21 July, 2010

April 2010

April came: and with it more pain. I think I already mentioned this in my last post.
I guess I should be looking back before posting and making sure I don't sound too repetitive. Hmmmph. Well, As I mentioned early in starting this blog I did go on vacation in April also. With one of my best friends, Anna. I was in the ER the morning before I was to leave for Anchorage to meet up with Anna. I was actually thinking in the back of my mind they could do an emergancy colonoscopy! HAHA LOL very funny now that I look back on that thought.
They don't do those without several days prep. Oh....prep....that is such a touchy subject with me still. Magnesium Citrate..........."pleasing lemony flavor" is what the label says.
What a crock!!! A crock full of who knows what. That is some of ThE MosT FALSE advertising I have ever come across. Seriously! Ask anyone I have discussed this with. Amy, Jake, John, My Mom, my Dad, Kaili............ask them all. Well one will probably do.
Even now I am sure you are getting the picture.
I didn't
Like this stuff!!!!!!!
Understatement of the year.
Anyway, Vegas, yes Vegas. I went and had fun, sat in the sun, actually ate some food. Took a road trip to Kingman Arizona to visit Anna's grandparents. Sweet sweet people.
Returned to Kodiak on a Wednesday or Thursday and spent the weekend prepping for the colonoscopy on Monday the 19th of April. Prep update to follow soon.

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  1. Hey lady- I just want you to know that I've let a few people know of your situation and the prayers are going out like crazy! There are still some people here from the old days:)