Me and My Family

Me and My Family

25 July, 2012

Here I go

Well, I head out Sunday for Texas. I have an appointment at MD Anderson on Monday the 30th. My brother Jeremy will be accompanying me. We will drive from Austin to Houston for a 12 noon appt to register. Meet with my Doctor at 1, bloodwork at 2, and a CT scan at 8pm that night. We haven't yet discussed whether we will drive back that night or not, though I am sure we will. That's a long day for anyone, but it looms longer for me given the changes in my diet. I won't be able to juice that day, hopefully I will be able to find a Jamba Juice!
During my visit with the Doc we will schedule a follow up for later that same week. I leave to come back home on Friday night and on Sunday, we leave as a family for Texas. lol
Just can't get enough sun.
I am excited and nervous.
It's been a long time since my last scan when things were growing. I am nervous to find out what's been happening. My biggest fear is that it will have spread. That's what we have been trying so hard to avoid!
I am trying to focus on getting sun, seeing my brother, sister-in-law, and nephew.
I am excited to find out if MD Anderson has some options for me that will be supremely more benificial that what I have been getting here.
Going away is so much hard work.
There is laundry,
Organizing home,
Planning meals for those staying behind,
Making sure dogs are taken care of,
bills to pay up on,
getting time with everyone before I go.
There is more I am sure I am leaving out.
Needless to say it's a busy week for me.
So I am off to ride bike with Damon and AVa before coming back to tackle more household chores.
I will do my best to keep writing and keep you up to date as to what is going on in Texas, besides the obvious....."the sun is shining and I am swimming"


  1. Please say hello to Jeremy for me! And HAVE FUN!

  2. Hope you have a safe and productive trip. You'll be exhausted when you get there, what with all the pre trip preparations. We're praying for positive outcome. Love you very much.

  3. Please, MD Anderson.... PLEASE fix our Dani!
    Enjoy your time in Texas, Dani! And post some pictures!