Me and My Family

Me and My Family

14 July, 2012

not lovin' life...just saying

See? I just tried publishing this without even writing anything!!!! Any other day that might be funny. Tonight? not so much.
Nothing is really funny, and as the evening wears on, I'm less and less amused.
I'm more and more scared.
I'm less and less interested.
I'm more and more determined.
I'm less and less confident.
I'm more and more sad.
I'm less and less happy.
I'm more and more sure.
I'm less heard.
I'm more annoyed.
I'm am just plain disheartened.
I used to have dreams. I used to have wishes. I used to be independent. I used to be active and healthy. I used to....
used to...
used to....

I need to get to;
I am,
I do,
I will,
I can,
I am sure!


  1. I hear you, Danielle. I'm gonna hug my friends a little longer today and think of you!

  2. Just now read this posting tonight, July 18th. We're all thinking of you and praying for the BEST. Have you thought of trying to find a meeting of cancer patients/survivors that you could attend? Seems like that could be helpful. Love you soooo much Danielle.