Me and My Family

Me and My Family

07 July, 2011

Summer Days

Summer Days usually start for me with Kaili's birthday. Here she is turning 21 and still having fun with her little brother. They are enjoying a moment together before she opens presents. He believes it is his duty to assist in that task even though he has his very own birthday in just another  month. (of course as I write this his birthday is less than a week away now.)
We attended Colony Days in Palmer..there were fun things for kids, lots of food vendors like at the saturday market, and also vendors of all things homemade. Damon was trying on one of those homemade items. So cute. He had his face painted, went on some bouncy house things, and got a balloon. He and Kaili also tried corn fritters.

Ari and I are sharing a nice nap together.  


So cute, waiting for their turn to ride the 4 wheeler.
We also had 4th of July weekend. We went to a parade in Wasilla and it was the longest Alaskan parade I have ever been to. good though. We missed the fireworks the night before but when I asked my neighbor how they were they told me I didn't miss anything exciting. She told me they didn't even last 15 minutes and there was no grande finale...nothing spectacuar at all. Is that a reflection of the pride we have in our country right now? I pray not!!!! Probably just a poor job planning a display of fireworks. the unfortunately thing about living in Alaska is the best fireworks are on New Years Eve when it's too DANG cold to stand around and watch them. You do it though, even though your knees are knocking together, your teeth are clacking together, you can't feel  your fingertips (well for me last new yrs that was literally true, I couldn't feel fingers or toes).
Then the kicker is,  you drank so much hot cocoa you missed the fireworks because you were waiting in line to use the restroom!!!!
Go figure.


  1. Sweet photos, Danielle! I especially love the one with you and your dog. I am always so happy when I see you have posted something new. Hope you keep writing and sharing! Love, Susan

  2. I love, love, love summer!! I got your message and we will see you for the birthday tomorrow- it will probably be just me and Jack:)