Me and My Family

Me and My Family

15 July, 2011

Keep Moving Forward


Well, I met with the Nurse Practitioner today and she showed me the report from the radiololgist. It says that 3 of the nodules in my lungs showed minimal growth meaning;
1 grew 1mm
2 grew 2mm each

The rest, and there are quite a few, didn't grow at all and are considered "stable".

The consensus is that we will wait another 8 weeks at which time I will get another CT scan and meet with Doc Anderson to go over those results. So....I don't have to give up my smoothies yet, which delights me to no end, and ice cold water..mmm mmm good. you see, when I am getting Chemo I develop instant cold sensativity and cannot eat or drink anything cold or even cool. Everthing has to be room temp or warm. Boring..............

Now, I have to kick my Vegan diet up a few more notches and I guess I will be cheating less and less and losing more weight. I lost close to 10 lbs since my scan in May so....

I hereby give up even "organic" tortilla chips, and even "whole wheat" bread with organic peanut butter. Basically just eating fruits, veggies and drinking my wheatgrass which is basically several veggie servings! It shouldn't be much harder than those fad "diets" everyone is always trying over and over, except I need to keep doing it forever and ever.

So, anyone want to challenge me to a weightloss competition? A certain amount by a certain date?  you do your diet and I'll do mine? hahaha lol
The other thing which would help is if I got more serious about exercising more consistantly. That would trim me up in no time if I also adhered to my eating plan.  

It sure would be easier if everyone in my house turned Vegan also!!! Don't see that happening in my near future. Oh well. I will...

Keep Moving Forward.
Only I am responsible for my choices and the results thereof.

So, Keep Moving Forward!!!



  1. I am so proud of you. You have such spirit and spunk - even when you think you don't - you do!!!! I thank God for you every day. I love you. Mom

  2. I know you can do it!!! I've been waiting for you to post all day- I know what you are doing is working and I know you can do hard things!! Ten pounds is awesome- you will be a waif by the end of the year:) Praying for you always-

  3. Thanks for sharing and i love your outlook on life. you are an inspiration. Love ya girl. Only great things to come

  4. Keep up the good work Dani. It seems to be helping. Sorry but I don't have much time to spare, what with the basement cleanup and all. More in a few day. Love you so much and will continue the prayers.
    Dad and Vicky

  5. Okay, I'll "bite" on the challenge! How shall we keep each other accountable? I've never been one to want to shave my head in support of another going through chemo but perhaps your challenge can be something I CAN do!!!

    So ... tell me what's on your plate today!

  6. P.S. Are you totally vegan? Can you have any dairy products at all?

  7. Susan, shoot me your email in case i don't have it. Today it's wheatgrass for breakfast. After church I will have a smoothie or a spinach salad. I do NOT eat dairy anymore at all if I can help it.
    I found a great tofu sour cream at safeway and walmart has a vegan/vegetarian buttery spread. try one thing at a time, like cut way back on carbs, or sugar, u choose . I know it's not easy.

  8. I don't have your email address so here's mine:

    Looking forward to hearing from you and this challenge!