Me and My Family

Me and My Family

11 July, 2011

Deep Blue Sea

Deep Blue Sea.....what do these three words together bring to your mind?


I went to the Deep blue sea last friday with one of my Best friends Anna, and we went Sea Kayaking. Now, I have been kayaking before, many times...just not in the ocean. My kayaks are of the flat water variety..meant for lakes and SLOW moving streams or rivers. I stear with my paddle. I have never used a kayak with a rudder.
My friend Anna also had never been sea kayaking and is slightly a bit anxious about the water. I won't divulge too much information about her, I 'll just mention that she is AfRaiD of the water. That's not too much info right?
Me on the other hand am in love with the water, I live every day to get out on open expanses of deep deep water...ah..............not so much! I'm perfectly fine as long as I am in the boat. I'm "deathly" afraid of dying by drowning. but I wasn't afraid of drowning on this day, just nervous to think of tipping and ending up in the freezing!!! water and then freaking out about what might be lurking down there around my legs.
Ok, so moving right along. We had a wonderful experience. It started with getting in the car and making the long drive to Seward. The tour started at 7 am. We had to get signed in, then "squeeze" into these ridiculous little life jackets. I thought I was doing to choke. Or maybe it's just the ridiculous size of my chest that was the problem. hmmm...either way, I like my own life jacket best, but I hadn't brought it. We then pulled on these "skirts" they slip around the seat and keep you from getting water inside and all over your lap, pants, feet, etc.
We rode in a tandem boat so I sat in the back where I was in charge of the rudder with my feet. Anna got in front. When we first hit the water, she yelped. Within minutes she was commenting on how glad she was we were doing this...i was too. It was so serene on the water. We opted to talk just between us, and not really interact with the other people in our group. It kept in more peaceful for us. We were able to just focus on nothing or our conversation, or just the peacefulness of the moment. We saw one lone sea otter. I love those little guys, they are sooooo cute. It was just a great experience to have with a great friend. I highly recommend it to anyone who is or isn't afraid of the deep blue sea. Anyone who is just looking for a calm, fun activity to partake in to encourage accepting the moment for what it is!


  1. It looks like you two had a great time. So glad you were able to do it. You DO live life!!! Love you, Dad

  2. Just thinking of you with all the love i have!
    Teresa Voss

  3. Looks awesome Dani! So glad you got out and did it.