Me and My Family

Me and My Family

16 October, 2010

My Dad visited from Minnesota and I took him to Title Wave books. This while we were waiting for REI to open.

We moved into out new home too.

We took a road trip together....

It was a good visit. With the CT scan results being good and the Doctor visit going well, having a little fun for this visit was crucial. We still have boxes in corners, and stacked in garage, but I feel confident it will all get taken care of in time. Time I presently want to spend with family and friends as much as I can.

I know I haven't even finished blogging about the journey that got me to today, but I will. Right now I feel like blogging in the present.

Before we left Kodiak, while staying in the dinky hotel room with two dogs and a four year old, Damon was terrible. Full of tantrums, and whining, crying, being mean. I hadn't seen him so wild and upset. Then we get to Anchorage and it continued while we are staying with my generous, patient brother. What in the world?!!! I should probably be blogging this on my other blog, journeys in motherhood. But I have been overlooking that blog for the sake of this one. So, parenting goes here today. Wooooow weee. I was almost at a loss as to what to do with this boy. I didn't feel like taking him out in public at all.The best I could think of was let him ride his bike as much as possible and hopefully he would go to bed at a decent hour in a decent manner.

Through all this, we were trying to close on our home, I was going to get infused, and John and I were trying to stay in communication with one another. Not an easy task when there are tantrum throughing four yr old around and handheld electronics ALWAYS within reach. I was beginning to hate, yes HATE Iphone, Ipad, Itouch...grrrr.
(not to worry I am better today).

I know right now Hate in my heart is not a good thing. I have to carry love love love.

So, we moved into the house finally and DAmon seemed to changed instantly. I just thought of this the other day. I was telling my mom and dad how he is a different boy since We moved in and he has his toys back, his new room, a nice yard, new friends at church.

We are currently talking paint samples to decorate his room. He wants a Coast Guard C-130 room. So I will paint some red, with a blue stripe and print out pictures a friend took, to frame and hang on walls. then I have to figure out what to do about bed sheets and blankets....hmmm maybe just stick to white sheets, blue sheets and a red comforter.

Well, I am just glad that he is doing better, because that means I am doing better.

Dad came, like I said, and Mom came to town and we all went to my doctor appt to find out what the visiting specialist had to say. The lesions are shrinking and Doctor Anderson seemed to be in a positive mood, feeling optimistic. The other Doc suggested CT scans every three months, and Dr. Anderson agreed. He hinted at the small possibility of the lesions disappearing altogether.....prayers needed here.

He also said that surgically removing any left would be that won't happen. Again...prayers needed here. They are working so why not keep them coming. I so appreciate any and all prayers, and please know that I return them, and keep you all in mine.

At this point the plan is to continue treatment until early January at which time I
will have another CT scan. Then Doctor Anderson and I will discuss the possibility (necessity) of taking a break. Either from one of the meds, or even quite possibly from all of them for several months. One of them is more toxic than the others so I would definitely need a break from that one for sure, or the time would come when I would be more sick from that med, than from the cancer itself.

Something I have been researching is Macrobiotics....does anyone have any suggestions or interesting info on this diet/way of life.???? I have read many uplifting stories in the book I am reading, but have much more research to do. I have already given up most dairy, meat, and trying my darndest to cut back on sugar. Thats a tough one. I need to know more about getting good whole cereal grains in my daily diet. The book unfortunately said oatmeal doesn't count,,,,darn cus I love oatmeal. I need to know what "misso" is. or Miso soup???? help.......

Well, Blessings to each and everyone of you!!!! Thank you for ALL your positive thoughts, prayers, and kind words. Keep them coming while I continue to kick butt.

love, Dani


  1. Dani! I'm SO glad things are going well and improving! I just joined facebook a few weeks ago and just found your blog (you'd linked to it) so I'll have to read more about your journey thus far.

    I'm not familiar with macrobiotics proper, but I know some good related materials that I just LOVE. I don't prescribe to each of these in whole (you know, take what you want from them), but they are very informative:

    "Nourishing Traditions" by Sally Fallon. FABULOUS! A bit overboard on meat, but it goes right along against the over-processed and explains a great deal nutrition-wise. It is NOT conventional but it is chock-full of medical studies, etc. This sounds like it follows the macrobiotics really well and also has medical studies, etc behind it. "Healing the Gerson Way" is the book I own and the dvd "The Beautiful Truth" (made by a homeschooler in Haines -- on netflix) was our first introduction. REALLY worth looking into.

    It sounds like you're doing the right things diet-wise! I'm glad to hear of the progress and pray it continues,
    Catherine in KTN

  2. you mentioned cutting back on dairy. Does that include ice cream? :)
    I feel that Damon and I were able to bond more this visit, especially in the bathroom> :))
    He's sure a smart kid.
    Love you.

  3. You look HOT in that first picture, and your house is awesome! Oh, and you also look like Damon in the first picture. But in a hot, girly way.