Me and My Family

Me and My Family

31 August, 2012

Hard 2 Love Hard 2 Love.....

Who has heard that country song...'Hard 2 Love", by Lee Brice? It's great. It made me think of Chemo though. lol
It's hard 2 love hard 2 love the side effects, but I might like that its' good for me in ONE way. To shrink the lesions on my lungs.
In the mean time, It's hard to love cotton mouth, Hard to love cold sensitivity, Hard to love fatigue, Hard to love carrying around a fanny pack of med's for 46 hours after infusion. Hard to love not being able to drink or eat cold things. Hard to love nausea.
But it's easy to love the hope that it is helping me in the long run. though a person can only take so much of this particular medicine in a lifetime, so eventually there will have to be something else that works for me, or doesn't. Preferably works!!!
I am going to stay as strong as I can, physically in order to keep up with the regimen, and emotionally to keep up with my family, or help keep them up!


  1. It's sure not hard to love you and your good attitude. We are so proud of you and the way you are handling all this stuff you have to go through. Not so sure I could.
    love you, Dad

  2. You are my hero. Not only do you go through chemo every other week, but every single day you drink special tea, wear a special necklace, love those precious children in your life and take care of everyone around you in so many ways - and all with your bright and beautiful smile. I love you and pray that my world is never without your positive energy.