Me and My Family

Me and My Family

01 June, 2012

Sometimes things just click!

Wow. I love it when things just click. There are days when it seems all my parenting efforts, whether they be good or bad...are just not working. There are days when I just get so tired of hearing my own voice repeat my son's name over and over and over again. There are days when it's as if the things I try to teach are going straight through a colander with large holes.
Then, all of a sudden there is this ONE day....
This one day when everything seems to CLICK. Like everything I have been teaching, preaching, and showing, all comes together and my Littleman is taking on his share of responsibilities and then some. Tonight I asked Damon if he wanted to vacuum and he said yes. I came back downstairs to find him vacuuming under the dining table. I then offered to take over so he could do his regular chore (emptying the bathroom garbages from all three bathrooms). He said, no he would do both! wow. so now I am blogging while my Littleman is vacuuming. Part of me is anticipating that when he finishes he will realize maybe he offered too much and try to get out of doing the garbages. We shall see.
He even vacuumed out the pantry. hmmmm...i am impressed.
This could be one of the best obsessive traits his Daddy passes on to him. His wife will love him for it.
Speaking of wives loving it....I do love that about John. Sometimes is does get to be too much cuz he will move my things and then I don't know where they are, or he will throw something away he thinks is garbage, but in reality I was saving. Besides those things, I love that he isn't afraid to push a vacuum, wash a dish, scrub a toilet...although he has scrubbed WAY more dishes and floors than toilets or bathroom sinks. I love that he will do all these things AND mow the lawn, plant the garden, clean the garage, etc...

Alright, I already have the verdict. Damon did all the chores he said he would and as if by mental telepathy our friends came by in their side by side and offered to take Damon for a ride. He is getting a greg reward for his efforts! And so am I. Woooo Hooo.

I love it when things just Click!
And I love you for being there for me and for reading my blog, my journey.


  1. I meant to say a Great reward.....oooops.

  2. All that good parenting pays off!

  3. So nice that Damon helped out like that. BTW, I love the pics of you on fb. Makeup even. You're a beautiful woman. That's hard for me to say...."woman" that is. To me you're always my little girl. Love you. Dad

  4. nothing wrong with next time saying...Go! Have fun..take your rush bringing him back!
    Im thinking of your walk coming up so if your up to seeing how far we can get before calling for a pick up, just call.
    And Damon is a smart active polite little man!
    Hugs and sunshine on you and your garden today...