Me and My Family

Me and My Family

29 June, 2012

going's on...

I keep resolving to do better about blogging and then things interfere and I stop for awhile. So much has happened since I wrote last.
My dad came for a two week visit and it was great seeing him, spending time with him, and doing things together.
I spent days trying to get in contact with my provider at JBER to get my referral for a second opinion rewritten so it could be authorized for me to go to MD Anderson. When I finally spoke with someone, they informed me my provider was out until the following week and no other provider would be able to write the referral. After that call I spoke with John. He got in contact with someone in Kodiak, who got in touch with someone else and they wrote my referral, submitted it to Tricare and within 2 days I had authorization to go to MD Anderson.
After that I gathered all my records that they requested and faxed them down. They are now being reviewed. Once they are finished reviewing my records, they will call me to schedule an appt.
Once the appt. is scheduled, we submit the authorization and appt. date and time for travel. Hopefully the Coast Guard will cover my travel and rental car. that will be  a huge blessing. I also hope that my appt. isn't too far down the road.
We have a trip planned for the beginning of August and I want to be back from my appt. before we go on that trip. If I need to be seen again while I am down there on vacation, then that is ok with me.
I am so looking forward to going there and finding out if there is more that can be done for me. My biggest fear is that they will tell me they can't do anything more than what my doc up here is doing. that will be a huge disappointment and create a great sense of loss for me and my family.
I am armed with questions to ask! While my dad was here we sat down as a family and came up with a list of questions. I am not going to go all the way down there and then forget to ask something important.
In the mean time I have been trying to drink as much juice as I can, and eat salads, and fresh produce. In Alaska it's sometimes difficult.
I am still loving the carrot juice the best. I did find though that if I add pineapple to the green juice it helps a lot with the taste.
I am very proud of my daughter, she started drinking smoothies and even asked me to show her how to make them herself so when I am busy and she wants one, she can make it. This is a GREAT help. Not to mention a great healthy choice for her. good job Kaili!!!!
Juice is next on the list to try. We need an alternative to apples in the juices though as Kaili is allergic to apples.
ideas?.....are welcome.
We had to go back to the vet yesterday with Bode, the 1 yr old german shepherd....turns out he has a bad yeast infection in his ear. mmmm no wonder it hurt so bad.
Well, I hear my little man crying in bed.
thanks for reading.

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