Me and My Family

Me and My Family

13 June, 2011

Life is precious and unpredictable

We know this right though? How precious life is? How unpredictable? How fragile?

We were driving to Anchorage on Saturday and the traffic heading the opposite direction on the hwy was backed up for several miles...Not a joke. the crews are working on putting up new (huge) street lights for the hwy., so one lane was closed off. I was moaning, hoping that by the time we were ready to head back home the traffic would be better, the work crews would be gone and we could just cruz on home.

All this moaning and then we came to Eagle river, where I had an appt. to go to before finishing our trip to Anchorage. I took the main Eagle river exit and headed over the overpass, where I spotted more traffic but also, motorcycles in the ditch. Smashed! Totaled. Debree everywhere. Probably 20 cars pulled over including police/troopers. I started to slow down and got scolded by John! Don't stop on the bridge he said. Ok Ok. i will not be like those spectators I see down there on the road!!! I felt TERRIBLE. I knew there had to be a fatality. It was bad looking. This did NOT bode well for my desire to own a motorcycle someday. We proceeded on to our destination, all the while me moaning still/again, about the horrific scene and what could possibly have happened.

I stayed up that night to catch the 10 pm news. Sure enough, one 52 yr old gentleman had lost his life (in surgery) following the accident. The 29 yr old man will be alright. Both WERE wearing helmets, but they flew off in the crash. SO SAD!!!!!

CAr drivers BEWARE! you are not the only ones on the road! John tried persistantly to get ahold of a buddy of his who luck until onthe way home the friend called. He was ok, he had seen it happen, but it wasn't him! Whew.

As for me, John stumled across some interesting stuff.
this man has found a non toxic cure for many cancers which works most of the time in his Clinical Trials. He has been hounded for YEARS by the FDA (imagine that) He poses a threat to them and the pharmecuetical companies if his medicine is approved. One MAN. One medicine.

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  1. I always say a little prayer to the motorcycle gods before I roll. I do everything in my power to drive safe but have fun. With distracted drivers (texting and talking on the phone) the odds of getting in accidents whether on the bike or in my car has gone way up.

    Re: FDA stuff and pharmaceuticals ~ you are so right on about that. What if they wanted to keep us sick so we'd be forced buy their medicine? Is this a crazy thought? I don't think so .....