Me and My Family

Me and My Family

15 September, 2010

it's about time.

Jeremy took me to "Frigid North" and they fixed my charger pack for this darn laptop!!!!! I am back on.
I just finished my infusion #7 and am feeling good so far. I head back to Kodiak tomorrow and then John, Damon and I head out on the Ferry Saturday the 18th for Homer and then to Anchorage for a few days until we close on our house in Palmer. I can't wait.
I am getting a CT scan the 6th of October to see where we stand a fter to treatments I have so far. We haven't decided on an end date for treatment...we'll see what happens.
I have been through a rough month. I had blood clots develop in my lungs, one in each, and then had a cold/flu virus on top of that. I finally started feeling better last week and so much better this week. My white blood cell count plummeted and is way back up.
So, I will be back up and running with my blog next week when I get off the ferry and settle in the anchorage area.
In the mean time, I will accept and appreciate any prayers, and may God's blessings be with each of you!!!


  1. Good luck on your move and settling in in your new home !!!

  2. I've lost your number!! I thought you guys were coming for dinner last night- call me:)