Me and My Family

Me and My Family

01 January, 2012

Passing Time

I let too much time pass since my last post. Since then I still find many things to be thankful for. I try every day to verbalize at least to myself, something I am grateful for without being repetitive. We had Christmas and of course I am SO grateful for the holiday season and for my Savior! I am grateful for family to celebrate with and technology that allows me to talk with and see other family far away. 

My guys wore their matching ties from "The Belle and the Beau". Love that Etsy shop. 

My mom was in town for one of my treatments and it also happened to be the week of Damon's Christmas concert at school. 

Time at the mall with Big Sister Kaili. 

Sledding at Hatcher Pass. The snow was deep and it started snowing more when we arrived. 

The crew wanted to eat out at the Burger joint after Hather Pass. 

I made caramels. Haven't done this in years. I overestimated how long I would have to stand there stirring. It didn't take nearly as long as I remember. It's the cooling, cutting, and wrapping that is more time consuming. But boy are they worth it all. So delicious. We wrapped up plates of caramels and cookies to share with neighbors and friends. 
I love the holidays. I love Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years. and then it's all over!!! But there are birthdays coming that we can celebrate!
In the meantime, I took one extra week in between treatments so I could feel good on Christmas Eve. I started back up this last week. Whew!!!!!!!!!! that just may have been a mistake. I have felt lousy since Wednesday. Starting to feel human again tonight but it was rough yesterday and the day before. I barely made it outside yesterday for some little hometown fireworks in the front yard with John, Damon and a friend of Damon's. Not to mention it was CoLD out and so we were a little deterred by that. Kids don't seem to notice that sort of thing as much as we grownups do though. Lucky little stinkers. I am so not doing good on my diet...aka way of eating...l.ifestyle...(not to be confused with a fad diet). I am still eating all the good stuff, but throwing in some yummies here and there for good, no wait, bad measure. Like that bowl of caramels up there? I DID eat some. I can't possibly send out food to neighbors and friends without knowing how it tastes. There had to be some sampling going one...and who better to do it than the cook herself? I agree.
So, no resolutions for me this year, just a few thoughts on things I would like to do better:
get more exercise
read more classics
work on my books
write in blog more consistantly
eat healthier
be nicer
do yoga
That's just a few to start with. We'll see where these get me. lol
I pray your New Year is filled with Blessings, happiness, goals fulfilled, dreams come true, and family, friends, and laughter.
Happy New Year everyone.


  1. I am so grateful you are in my same world! You are an inspiration. I love you to infinity forever and ever.

  2. Lots of smiles in these photos ... thanks for sharing! December was a tough month for maintaining any kind of sane eating rituals and exercise. I'm ready to get back to it!!!