Me and My Family

Me and My Family

20 October, 2011

well well well

I have just been busy, not feeling well, or flat out not in the mood to blog you probably noticed.

Even now I am not altogether sure I am in the mood. It's quiet in the house and I would rather be reading Pioneer Womans book, Black Heels to Tractor Wheels. It is Soooooooooooooooo good. I just read last night the wedding and beginning of the honeymoon part.

My Dad was up for a visit, that was great. Thanks to his stepson he gets to fly standby for a nominal fee and come up here. Then my mom came to town to accompany me to a treatment. And in and out of all this Damon is adjusting, or shall I say having trouble adjusting to riding the bus and going to school. Also through this time period I have been fighting a cold bug and it was really dragging me down in the dumps. The dark nether regions of my mind. The sinkhole that exists in the middle of my world now. It's like quicksand I imagine. Very hard to get out of if one isn't careful. So sticky, mucky, dirty, dark, gloomy, and possessive.

Finally I let myself take the med's my Nurse practioner prescribed and I am starting to come up for air, to feel more energy, see some light. I actually went for a walk this morning. I am seriously considering buying a treadmill. With winter coming on I believe it would be best for me and for the dogs to stay active and some days it's just too darn cold and windy to go out. It will help keep the dogs from driving me nuts too, once I teach them to use it. I will wear their sorry little legs out!!! they will be too tired to run around the house wreaking havok in my living room and on my couch! Of course when I use it I might be too tired to care anymore! lol

I got a sweet letter from one of my favorite Missionaries and A Beautiful stained glass star I ordered on Etsy in the mail today. Two great things in one mail stop. Love it! Pics of the star to come. And my dads visit, and Damon. But you might want to check out these stars. See KurtKnudsen

Love his and his wife's stuff.
Well, I am on to my book. Love a great love story!

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