Me and My Family

Me and My Family

28 October, 2011

Just another shot of poison

Well. I just got unhooked from my 46 hour infusion pump. Wednesday was treatment 4 in round 2. I was really sick Wednesday night. So much nausea...even with phenigran on board. Oh well. That's what poison does to our bodies I guess. I have more energy today, but nasty taste in my mouth. Its too hard to explain. It isn't really metallic. It's more like dry, raw, thick, gross. The only things that help it feel better are gum...and cold smooth drinks that I shouldn't drink like milkshakes. No I haven't had one yet. I may have to talk myself into settling for a smoothie. Or as much water as I can hold. That is better anyway, helps flush everthing out better.
Today I am headed to Damon's classroom party...he is a mouse, the one from Hickory Dickory Dock. Tonight there is another little party at school, like a carnival and for that I got him a Green Lantern costume.
Other than that I am happy to stay close to home and chill until I feel better. I was able to rest a lot yesterday which was a good thing as I had zero energy and was feeling downright cruddy.
I hope you all have a ghostly, goulish, scary, fun Halloween weekend.


  1. I'll second that!!! I love you forever and ever, Mom

  2. You're so brave. I know it must be more difficult than you make it sound. We love you so much.
    Wish I could be there, still.