Me and My Family

Me and My Family

13 December, 2010

Time comes and time goes

I realize it's been awhile. My computer is down again. I have to back everything up to my external harddrive with Johns help, which we haven't found time to get yet.

I had my last  Chemo treatment last Monday and have also been very busy recovering from that...My fingers are extremely sensitive and sore so typing is painful. Doing anything with my hands pretty much just hurts. Then there's the whole weakness, fatigue and stuff. But that is pretty much past. I feel so much better today than I did three days ago. Not counting sore fingers and toes.

Mom was here to help during the down time so I was able to relax, take bathes, lay on the couch and in general, be lazy....ooops I mean, spend time recovering. It does feel like being lazy. This time around though was the worst and I felt like crap!!!! I can see how people get to a point where they want to give up. I almost felt like I  could do just that last Friday! Thank goodness it passes (for me anyway) and I feel more positive now as I get better. And when I talk about "getting better", it's all relative. I mostly mean getting better from the effects of Chemo. Getting better from the actual "cancer" still remains to be seen.

I have a CT scan in January! Praying for nothing less than good results....more shrinkage, and disappearance of the lesions in my lungs. I would be pleased, as would my family, with total disappearance! Wouldn't that be grand? Then on to keeping them gone. Whew.

I have goals, plans, ideas, places to see, a Son to raise. Birthdays to celebrate and Christmas's to bake for.
I have family to spend time with, vacations to go on, gardens to plant, Service to provide. The list could go on and on. I pray God's plan for me runs somewhat parallel to my plan for me. HAHAHA.

Sorry no pics this time. When I get my computer cleaned up there will be pictures. In the meantime, I am on to carry on with my day.

May this Christmas Season bring you all much joy and love, not to mention Blessings!!!

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  1. Hi Dani,
    from this part of the world I'm wishing you the best Christmas Season !!! Tonight I've packed my bag to spend the holidays in the sun and on my mind you'll travel with me,